Learning not grinding

Just back from the launch of The School of Everything at Channel 4.

I think that the School of Everything is a really interesting concept, it is simple to describe – “putting people who want to learn in touch with people who want to teach” while being really powerful. The idea that I can chose what I learn has real appeal. Education, like any craft industry, has until now been driven by the need to aggregate demand and structure supply. Now we can look at a more organic and direct delivery mechanism for adult, or rather, self-sought learning.

I also had an interesting conversation with Alice from Wonderland about computer gaming. After a brief chat about MMORPGs – I find them tedious as I am essentially modal in nature, if I am killing then I don’t want to be chatting, and because they lack narrative focus to me, I prefer something like Persona 3 or else something purely ludic like Bangai-O.

ANYWAY, after the MMORPG chat we got onto the relationship between gaining experience in online games and gaining experience in reality. There have been some crossovers but they have been limited. After the interesting piece on Weight Watchers considered as an RPG we wondered if there might not be more opportunities to drive engagement and interest in real world activities by adding a degree of experience points and rewards to them?

Who will be the first Level 70 Social Entrepreneur?


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