Techno Tips Number 1

Well it’s Christmas and it’s Hanukkah so I suspect that lots of you got exciting new presents, techno presents. So to round things up here are some helpful hints and tips.

1. MacBook Touch Pads

The latest MacBook touch pads support multitouch so you can use more than one finger at a time. You can find find a helpful overview here.

But they also work with Google. You can raise the PageRank of a page on Google by using a thumbs up gesture, similarly thumbs down will lower the PageRank. This only works if you are logged into Google and using their new social search rank feature.

2. iPhone

The iPhone 3G has GPS and a tilt sensor. This means that it will automatically flip the screen direction when you cross the equator going from northern hemisphere to southern or vice versa. This only works if it is on when you cross the line so it will not work on planes.

3. Vista

Vista has a feature called SuperFetch. This speeds up the loading of frequently used programs over time by learning those applications you most commonly use. This is very handy but what if you don’t use the same applications day in and day out? Well you can then tell Vista to forget things sooner. Just create a text file in your ‘Documents” folder called <name>DohDohDoh.txt where <name> is your name, and in that file just put one line “ForgetItFaster=TRUE”


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