Hotter than heat

It is hot. 25C according to my thermometer, though it feels hotter than that to me as I have a fever at the moment. I pulled a muscle in my arm and my body has ramped up my metabolism to repair it, hence the fever.

I can think of at least one friend who will laugh at loud at the concept of 25C being hot!  To them 25C is barely warm.

We all respond to heat differently but we all live in the human heat range, which is between –40C and +40C. It may be slightly warmer or colder at times but the vast majority of our existence is spent in that 80 degree range.

The coldest possible temperature is Absolute Zero, –273.15C. or 0 degrees Kelvin. The hottest possible temperature under physical laws as we currently understand them is the Planck temperature or 1.41679 x 10^32 degrees Kelvin.

So we humans live at 273 degrees Kelvin +/- 40 degrees Kelvin. Or 0.000000000000000000000000000001% of the range between lowest and highest temperatures. And right down at the bottom, frozen end.

Which makes sense because we are made of matter and matter is just chilly energy :).

So given that we occupy such a small range of possible temperatures, right down at the cool end of the spectrum why am I so hot?!


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