Lent Upon

So here we are again, at the start of Lent, and the focus is on renunciation of worldly desires – chocolate, caek, drink, meat – we give up something for a few short weeks and gain karma or self-awareness or … well something.

I have always found there to be something dubious about the concept of treating Lent as an exercise in self-discipline. Temptation abounds 365 days of the year, simply ringfencing a part of the calendar and adding some additional temptations seems more an affectation than an engagement with the numinous.

Fasting during Ramadan teaches awareness of the body and the tension between body and soul, giving up sweets during Lent just makes one tetchy.

So this Lent whilst I will be treating my own views with the disdain they richly deserve by giving up sweets and chocolate and those delicious lard butties I will also be tasking myself with posting something here each day. To focus my mind on Lent as a time of self-examination. 

And to take my mind off of those delicious lard sandwiches…


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