Makes you think #1 – oh am I guided or is life for free?

There are two schools of thought – either we have free will or we don’t. Fine, but why do people argue that we do not have free will?

After all if they are correct then there is no point trying to convert the rest of us. We are all preprogrammed.

So by arguing that there is no such thing as free will they in fact reveal their implicit belief in free will. Therefore their argument collapses.

QE and indeed D


Number 1

We normally use Base 10 to count, 0-9. Sometimes we use Base 2, 0-1, or Base 16, 0-F, when working with computers.

But any number can be used as the base for a number system. Those of us old enough to remember log books will be familiar with that. And the fact that you can readily convert between bases, “10” = “A”.

So take a circle, the circumference of a circle is given by 2πR  where R is the radius. Now, if we go for Base π then the circumference of any circle would be expressed as 2R. By definition, 2R = the diameter of the circle so in Base π the diameter and the circumference of a circle are the same.

But the diameter is a straight line and as such can be expressed as a square, put 4 matches in a straight line and you will see what I mean.

So the circumference of the circle can be expressed as a square.

Hence it is shown that you can square a circle.

QED. 🙂