He’s Frank

No, not or even.

This Frank is our attempt at trying to pull the world of work together. I suppose you could call it a portal but I do not really like the portal concept, work portals tend to be either overloaded or underfunctional. Too often they provide a nice frontend but the second you click on anything the horror emerges and it’s hello VT52 all over again.

Most enterprise systems tend to the user hostile, after all how would consultants make their money if systems were easy to use and implement? So how do we square the circle and come up with an enterprise front end which is user friendly, powerful, simple and drives usage?

Hence Frank. At the moment Frank is ideas and some bits of technology and demonstrators but we aim to go PoC in mid-September and I plan to document the journey here.

Oh and the name is not an acronym, we hate acronyms, it is in memorium.


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