“Le silence éternel des espaces infinis m’effraie”

The rain runs down the window, trying but failing to obscure the gaudy lights flickering like ignis fatui above the blackened heart of the brooding city outside.

As I reach for the coffee cup, my hand trembling slightly, I watch the small people on the screen. People speaking words I have spoken, adrift in the same deep dark waters that lap around me; lost souls in a city of lost hope.

And my head fills with thoughts of my mad wonderful genius friend and her amazing films and her excellent book. (Recommended by CNN :))

And then I put on my hat and go off in search of the occluded secrets of the Capitale de la Douleur


One thought on ““Le silence éternel des espaces infinis m’effraie”

  1. The wonderful mad genius is all yours. You may stay out of the sun, if that’s what you northerners must d, but star of the Twoir that you are, you cannot stay out of the limelight. At least not for too long. Tip your hat and bow!

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