“Le silence éternel des espaces infinis m’effraie”

The rain runs down the window, trying but failing to obscure the gaudy lights flickering like ignis fatui above the blackened heart of the brooding city outside.

As I reach for the coffee cup, my hand trembling slightly, I watch the small people on the screen. People speaking words I have spoken, adrift in the same deep dark waters that lap around me; lost souls in a city of lost hope.

And my head fills with thoughts of my mad wonderful genius friend and her amazing films and her excellent book. (Recommended by CNN :))

And then I put on my hat and go off in search of the occluded secrets of the Capitale de la Douleur


Tweeting my hat

Just back from Twestival, thanks to Amanda’s persuasion and her great event organization. I could not stay too long due to a previous trip to the dentist but when I left at 7pm it was already looking good. And sorry I missed the Huddle team.

So now, despite previous protestations I am now on Twitter. “But why, man, why?!” I hear you all cry.

Well I forgot one key feature of Twitter, one application which changes everything, the one thing which made me change my mind.

Twitter provides the ability to indulge in instant begrudgery and the immediate production of rambling gibberish. The very cornerstones of my culture!

Spreading tales like coffin nails

And no birds do sing

Someone asked me the other day why I was not on Twitter? I mumbled something about the fact that the last thing a fox needs is more sources of distraction.

But sitting in the Japanese takeaway waiting for my order I have had time to reflect.

As an outsider Twitter seems to do 4 things – it helps reduce the essential loneliness of existence and connects us with the rest of our species (which reminds me of Italo Calvino and Mr Palomar but that’s a fox distraction); it is a quick and easy way of broadcasting news and status to friends, assuming we have either news or friends; related to that it helps us socialise by allowing us to tell people which bar we are in; finally it acts as a web of connections, hares sit up and dart hither and thither and sometimes it’s a hare worth following.

All good things but again, as a fox, is the upside greater than the risk of vastly more shiny baubles cluttering my view and distracting me still further?

Hmm perhaps I should join but just go for a 140 character name?